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Typography Logo Images Colours


We only use one font, Manrope, coming with 7 weights:

We use Regular as the main font and for strong (bold) text we use Semibold. We use a line height of 1.5 for better readability. We don't really have a specific size that the font should be, but try to keep it readable (make sure the font is readble on all screens). Also, try to keep a visual hierarchy (having headeings bigger than paragraphs, and so on).

Other weights should only be used for other material than text, like posters, images, social media, and so on, to "spice them up".

We also justify wider text bodies, while we recommend using left-aligned text for less wide text bodies:

An image showing how we align text.


You can download our logo here. It is made by BurnyLlama and is available under the CC-BY-4.0 license (tl;dr: give us credit).


We recommend using SVGs instead of raster images like PNGs and JPGs. This is because they scale for all screens, and are (typically) smaller in size (unless you're making something huge).


We provide a pretty big colour scheme that includes one greyscale (consisting of 15 tones) and 12 colours with five tones each. Official material for qwik should only use these colours.

An image showing all colours.

Read more about our colours here.